Last Man Standing

  •  Each week pick a premier leagues team from the published games, found on the Pub Notice Board

  • Your selected Team must win for you to continue

  • Pick another team for the next set of games, you cannot choose the same team twice in a round.

  • The Last Man Standing, wins the prize pot; IF their game wins, otherwise we roll over and go again! 

  • Anyone wishing to join, must wait until the next round starts

Submit your team

From the published games, found on The Bell notice board, send your team via WhatsApp, or submit using the form on the right

Soccer Field

Submit your Team

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Current Round

Round 5 starts 30th April

Here, and on The Bell notice board you can see the current round and who is in/out.

  • Highlighted in Red - OUT

  • Highlight in Green - IN

  • No Highlight - Still to Play